Food Cravings and what it tells about your body?

Have you ever come across the feeling of eating something particular in the middle of night, and you feel if you do not get that thing world will turn upside down?

Well this is know as “cravings” in our vocabulary but it is actually a body’s way of telling you that your body needs certain things in order to function properly. Due to which your mind send signals to your palette to crave for certain eatables.

Lets face it its not always easy to get over with your craving until you have satisfied your taste buds. I will show you what can you replace with for your craving to give your body a healthy option.


Cravings What your body needs? You should eat instead
Chocolate Magnesium Raw fruits, nuts and vegetables
Sugary foods Chromium Broccoli, grapes, chicken, cheese
Carbon Fresh fruits
Phosphorus Chicken, beef, eggs, fish, dairy products,
Sulphur Cranberry, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish
Tryptophan cheese, raisins, sweet potato,


Bread, Pasta and other Staples Nitrogen High protein food, meat, fatty fish, nuts, beans, chia seeds
Fried Food Calcium organic milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables
Salty Food Chloride Fatty Fish, Goat milk
Silicon Cashew, nuts, seeds

So next time you are craving for something you should know what your body needs, substitute it with a healthy option.

Happy Eating!


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